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Quiz for school


Jumpido Quiz is a fantastic tool for innovative teachers. Transform your typical boring test into interactive quiz solved with your body. Teachers can create their own content with web-based tool from any device.

Use your body


Children solve quizzes using their body. This keeps them physically active in contrast with traditional examination techniques. And more importantly, it is great fun!

All for free


Jumpido Quiz is completely free of charge. You can use it without limitations. You create your content and it remains yours.

Create tests and play them with one click

Create tests with ease

Are you a teacher? Create your own quizzes with this fantastic online tool. Build content on your computer, tablet or phone - they play it at school.

With a simple click you can play your tests with Kinect. Your students will love it.

Kinect in the classroom

Kinect is innovative technology that captures body movements. This allows for seamless interactions that make it a perfect tool for education. Jumpido Quiz uses game elements to engage kids.

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Jumpido engages kids

Engaged kids in the classroom

Jumpido Quiz brings game-based learning in your classroom. And games are all about fun and exploration so they immediately grab students' attention.

Kids remain physically active, which becomes ever more important.

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